About KISSTROYER - The Starchild Bio

Name: Chris
DOB: Unknown
Star sign: Cancerian
Height: Very Tall in Platforms
Weight: 88kgs
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Brown (hahaha!)
Favourite KISS song: Too many to list
Favourite KISS album: Rock ‘n’ roll over
Number of times you have seen KISS: Can’t remember, so many times…
Favourite KISS member: Paul Stanley
Other favourite bands: Ramsteine, Disturbed
Day job: Saving the world
Favourite pastime: Saving the world
Favourite food: Everything
Favourite drink: Red wine
Best KISS experience: All of them!

The Starchild plays Ibanez, Silvertone and Washburn guitars through Marshall amps and Basson cabinets

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