She Wants A Rocket Ride

Saturday night lived up to it's expectations of being one hell of crazy night for rock 'n' roll in Melbourne. With more than 400 KISS freaks in attendance KISStroyer pumped out the promised 2 hour show in fine KISS fashion. The audience were in awe of our new KISS logo which sat behind Steve & Andrew's debut taking the stage alone at the end of Shock Me for a killer Ace guitar solo with a stubborn Les Paul which just would not smoke. A part of the beauty of performing live is that there is a certain uncontrollable element, on this night the non smoking Les Paul was the culprit.

In speaking to the majority of the audience after the show it would seem as though there are a few of you planning on coming to Geelong which is fantastic to hear - we love you people and can't wait to see you again! Stay tuned for new photos, audio and video from the show in the coming week.

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